kimchiA public warning was issued last September 30 regarding some brands of kimchi products. The products are said to contain allergens that have not been declared on its list of ingredients.

The public warning was issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, or the CFIA. CFIA warns people, especially those allergic to fish, sesame and shrimp, to refrain from eating the specified kimchi products. Consumption of it may trigger allergic reactions to people who are sensitive to these food allergens. Currently, there have been no allergy attacks reported that are linked to the kimchi.

The products have all been imported from Korea and contain one or all of the aforementioned food allergens. The kimchi products are sold under the brands Chongga, and Daesang FNF Co. Product descriptions are Kimchi Richi (kimchi made from cut cabbage), Godulbbaegi (kimchi made from Korean lettuce) and Gat Kimchi (kimchi made from mustard leaves).

Kimchi Richi is sold in 80-gram packs and contains all three allergens, and have a UPC code of 808248144148. Gat Kimchi are sold in 500-gram packs, contains both sesame and fish, and have a UPC code of 8801024111008. Godulbbaegi are sold in 200-gram packs, contains fish, and have a UPC code of 8801024193448.

The affected products were distributed in retail stores in Alberta, Ontario,New Brunswick,British Columbia,Nova Scotia and Manitoba. It is also possible that the kimchi products were distributed all throughout Canada. The CFIA is currently working with importers in recalling the kimchi products. Consumers who want more information on this recall, can call the CFIA’s hotline, 1-800-442-2342, or TTY at 1-800-465-7735. These hotlines are open from 8 AM to 8 PM, ET, Monday-Friday.