America Spoon FoodAmerican Spoon Foods, Inc. is a food manufacturing company selling canned fruits and vegetables. It also sells preserves, jellies, jams, condiments, salsas, dried nuts and fruits, relishes, vinaigrettes and gelato. The company is based in Michigan, USA.

The history of American Spoon Foods Inc. dates back to 1971. At that time, Justin Rashid was working as a farmer in Northern Michigan and Chef Larry Forgione was in New York running his restaurant. Rashid and Forgione met accidentally and thus, Rashid started his exporting business in 1979. At first, he shipped the finest wild mushrooms from Northern Michigan to Forgione’s restaurant in New York. Later, he expanded his business to other states. He exported wild mushrooms, homegrown vegetables, berries, wild nuts and wild greens to restaurants in and around the US.

Even though he was happy with his business, it was the dream of Rashid and Forgione to create something unique with the finest produce in the country. In 1981, Forgione created a recipe for fruit preserves using the best quality fruits available in Northern Michigan. The first recipe he made was for strawberry preserves that were easy to spoon rather than spreading. Therefore, they got the name Spoon Preserves and the company was named ‘American Spoon.’

The first store of American Spoon Foods, Inc. was opened in 1982 on Howard Street in Petoskey, Michigan and the preserves turned out to be a favorite among customers. When they opened the first store, they had only 2 copper kettles, wooden paddles and a table. In 1983, the store was moved to 411 East Lake Street. By 1985, the company opened a jam factory and upgraded the kitchen.

American Spoon Foods, Inc. introduced Michigan fruits to the whole country with dried red tart cherries as one of their specialties. In 1998, it concentrated more on products that became successful and also started selling dried cranberries. In 1992, the company introduced more products like relishes, fruit butter, spreads, and honey. It also expanded its product line to include gelato. In 2001, the company opened a café named American Spoon Café and Gelato in Petoskey, near the old retail store. In 2007, the company celebrated 25 years of service in the food industry.

Company Headquarters: Petoskey, MI, USA
Ownership: Private Company
No of stores: 6
Annual revenue: $500,000 to $1 million
No of employees: 58
Geography: Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Charlevoix, Williamsburg, Traverse City and Saugatuck in Michigan.
Demography: Young, Natural and Organic

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