AmeriQual FoodsAmeriQual Foods is a manufacturing company that produces, packs and distributes ready to eat packaged foods to the Department of Defense (DOD) in the U.S. It falls under the category of Food Products and Manufacturers.

In 1987, AmeriQual Foods was founded in Indiana in the United States. The company started its business by delivering ready to eat packaged foods to the United States Department of Defense (DOD). In 1998, it introduced Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDR) and Meals, Ready to Eat (MRE). In the following year, more new products were introduced to expand its line of production and it included the Unitized Group Rations – A (UGR – A). Meal Cold Weather/Long Range Patrol (MCV/LRP) products were introduced in 2004. In 2007, polymeric trays were added to the product line.

Later, the company started manufacturing food packaging materials for commercial use. This included microwavable trays, flexible pouches, and plastic bowls. In 2006, the company introduced another new product called the APACK Ready Meal. This product was not intended for use in the military, but rather was an emergency ration made for use in emergency situations such as natural disasters.

AmeriQual Foods also introduced a new technology called High Pressure Processing (HPP). This technology replaced the conventional thermal technology for preserving food for a long period of time. With this technology, the food is pasteurized before it is packed and is made safe to eat. It also locked in the flavor and nutrition of the packed foods. The company used this technology for a range of its products including juices, seafood, vegetables, fruits, salsa and ready to eat meals.

The company purchased Thermopac brand in 2008. It was previously owned by H .J. Heinz Company. With this, AmeriQual Foods also started manufacturing and distributing small quantities of food. The company also opened another manufacturing plant for packaging of food and was named AmeriQual Packaging. Moreover, Ameriqual Foods is approved by FDA, USDA and ISO.

Company Headquarters: 18200 Highway 41 North Evansville, IN, USA
Ownership: Private
No of manufacturing plants: 2
Annual revenue: $50 million to $99.9 million
No of employees: 500 to 999
Geography: Southwestern Indiana, USA
Demography: Young, Natural and Organic

Meals, Ready to Eat (MRE), Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDR), Meal Cold Weather/Long Range Patrol (MCV/LRP), Meal Tailored Operational Training (TOTM), APACK Ready Meal, Thermopac, Unitized Group Rations – A (UGR – A), Unitized Group Rations – B (UGR – B), Unitized Group Rations – V (UGR – V), Unitized Group Rations – Heat and Serve

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