AmericsourceAmerisource Bergen is a drug wholesale company that is based in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania. The company prides itself on providing excellent drug related services such as distribution, with the aims of improving patient outcomes and minimizing costs. The company also distributes health care equipment and supplies to a wide range of health care providers in the United States.


AmerisourceBergen was started in 2001 after a merger between Bergen Brunswig Corporation and AmeriSource Health Corporation. Bergen and AmeriSource were both pharmaceutical distributors that had gained success over the years. The two companies distributed their products and services to a similar target market though in different locations. Therefore, the merger served as a way of strengthening the company’s national presence. National presence focused on providing services to retail chain pharmacies, community pharmacies, physician offices, hospitals and several other health care facilities.

Since its inception, the company has greatly expanded and grown. Currently, there are a total of twenty-six distribution centers across the United States. Canada has nine distribution centers. In the United States, there are four specialty distribution centers. The packaging production capacity in the United Kingdom and the United States is more than one million feet square. More than 150 company offices around the world were added to the company following the incorporation of World Courier, a large specialty courier company globally. There are four primary units under which AmerisourceBergen operates its pharmaceutical distribution business.


Company headquarters: Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania

Ownership: Public Company

Number of Centers: 26 in the U.S., 9 in Canada and 4 specialty centers in U.S.

Geography: United Kingdom, North America

No. of employees: 14,500

Annual Revenue: 79.49 B dollars

Services: Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical services


AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group

AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services

AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation

World Courier

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