milkMost dairy products are known to cause a wide variety of allergic reactions in many people around the world. The milk protein has been known to cause allergy-related asthma in a number of people who have drank it. Some doctors claim that some children and adults may not actually be allergic to milk itself, but to the antibiotics that are usually passed into the milk by the dairy cows. Antibiotics such as penicillin are usually given to cows for the treatment of mastitis, which is a disease that causes inflammation of the udders. The cows are not supposed to be milked within 48 hours of the treatment. Most people, however, ignore this precaution and milk the cows anyway. This results in the presence of some traces of the antibiotic in the milk. This can cause harm to people who are allergic to penicillin.

Most people claim that milk causes an increase in the mucus production of the body. This can be disastrous for the people who have asthma because it results in the blockage of the air pipes. Though this theory has not been proven, research shows that the consumption of milk definitely worsens asthma. Research goes along to prove that a diet that is free of meat, milk and other known allergens significantly reduces the chances of an asthma attack. Doctors have also proven that at least 25 percent of patients with respiratory problems have shown significant long-term improvements after they adopted a strictly vegan diet. This is a diet that contains no animal products such as dairy, meat, eggs, and other related foods.