soy beansThere has been a spirited campaign over the past few years encouraging people to eat soybeans as an alternative protein to their normal diet. Most people are still against trying out this diet. Some consider this to be a vegetarian alternative to eating proteins, while others consider it to be unsuitable for them. Here are some of the reasons that you should seriously consider adding this type of protein into your diet.

Soy has been promoted as an equal, if not better alternative to animal protein. Most of the marketers of soy have been known to make soy seem like a sexy alternative in an attempt to appeal to the female consumer. This is because soy does not contain lactose for the people who are intolerant to lactose. This means that it contains absolutely no fat content. Soy is also easier to produce because it is grown by the acre. Soy has been promoted as a heart healthy diet for the people who have heart problems.

Soy has been proven to have flavones. Flavones are known to produce phytoestrogens. Estrogen is one of the hormones that help in the reproduction system of the female human body. Women who consume soybeans have been proven to be more productive and have a healthier reproductive system.

Soy protein has also been proven to be helpful in a number of health conditions. The biggest will probably be its ability to control Type II diabetes. The protein helps in stabilizing the level of sugar in the blood especially for those with diabetes and the people who eat large amounts of refined carbohydrates. Soy protein has also been proven to prevent and help in fighting the spread of cancer.