Arizona Gunslinger is a privately-owned food manufacturing company based in Mesa, Arizona, USA. The company is mainly engaged in the production of hot pepper sauces.

Arizona Gunslinger began operations in 1985.  The name ‘Arizona Gunslinger’ was chosen as the founders wanted their product to be associated with popular Arizona figures Wyatt Earp the gunslinger and Doc Holiday the gunslinger.

Arizona Gunslinger’s flagship product is the “Arizona Gunslinger Smokin’ Hot Jalapeno Pepper Sauce”.  Since its inception, the company has consistently been producing a fine collection of spicy food products, including its Jalapeno Pepper Sauce. These spicy hot products are distributed to different food retail businesses, grocery stores and supermarkets.

With its pepper sauces, Arizona Gunslinger focuses on achieving a thick and rich sauce that has a lot of zing to it. The ingredients used in creating these products are all-natural and feature red and ripe jalapeno peppers. The hot pepper sauce has about 20 percent pepper solids. What makes the product well-loved by customers, even to those who have taste buds that are sensitive, is the unique great taste, hence the company slogan “All the heat you can eat!”

All of Arizona Gunslinger’s products have that savory blend which adds a distinct flavor and zest to any kind of dish. The company’s hot pepper sauce is perfect to use as a sauce, marinade, or dip.  Arizona Gunslinger’s hot pepper sauce is also said to be perfect for hot wings.

Aside from its hot pepper sauces, Arizona Gunslinger produces BBQ sauces, honey mustard, stuffed queen-size olives (hot and spicy), snacks, organic sauces and harvest foods, and steak sauces. These products can be mixed and matched, and ordered as gift baskets. Customers can also order these products as personal or corporate giveaways.

The company accepts orders through its toll-free hotline or through the company’s website. Shipping is free for orders that exceed $50. Arizona Gunslingers also accept wholesale orders at special pricing. If customers are not satisfied with the company’s products, Arizona Gunslinger assures them that the products can be returned and that they can have their money back.

Headquarters: Mesa, Arizona
Ownership Type:  Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Retail food consumers, foodservice operators, wholesale food operators

Arizona Gunslinger

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