New Jersey-based Campbell Soup Co. has recently introduced a new line of Italian sauces to the market. This new line of sauces features recipes from celebrity chef  Wolfgang Puck.

Introduced to the market as “Wolfgang Puck Italian Sauces”, this line of sauces was inspired by Wolfgang Puck’s love for the Italian cuisine. These sauces are also based on sauces that are being served at his well-known restaurants. There are four varieties of Italian sauces in this line which are: Arrabiata, Creamy Vodka, Four Cheese, and Tomato Basil.

Each sauce was developed by using a number of the same ingredients Chef Wolfgang Puck would use in the sauces in his restaurants. These ingredients also include those distinct blends of spices, fine cheeses, and herbs. Arrabiata is the result of the combination of spicy marinara and red peppers that have been roasted. This Italian sauce will delight consumers with its distinctive taste and kick. Creamy Vodka is the result of combining fresh milk and tomatoes, finished with just the right amount of vodka. Four Cheese is the result of combining Parmigiano, Asiago and Ricotta cheeses, garlic, tomatoes and black pepper (cracked). This combination is then finished off by the addition of Mascarpone cheese, resulting in a sweet and unexpectedly creamy sauce. Tomato Basil is the result of combining tomatoes, sweet basil and garlic.

According to Campbell Soup’s vice president for cooking, Michael Berkeley, the partnership with Chef Wolfgang Puck has enabled the company to provide consumers with a lineup of sauces that will be exciting to them. These sauces provide a gourmet taste and quality that people can associate with the celebrated chef.

These Italian sauces are now available in the market for $2.79 per 16-ounce jar.