BagelBagel Café, or B2 Café, is a chain of cafés based in Tallahassee, Florida. This café offers a wide range of bakery products for customers who are dining in or ordering out.

BagelBagel Café was established in 1991 as a food retail shop that offered fresh made-to-order meals to customers. John Stout, the business’ founder, thought to name it this way because it was “a place so nice they named it twice.”

John Stout started his business when he created his original concept of the café. With his wealth of experience from working in a wide variety of restaurants, he was confident that the concepts he implement in his café would be successful.

As a café, customers where able to come eat in the dining room and have a relaxing meal. BagelBagel Café also accepted orders for catering, as well as orders to go. As years passed, the café started to offer more and more products, which included signature sandwiches like the “Florida Club,” the “Wine and Cheese,” and the “RBCC.”

In the next few years, the Winsteads bought the BagelBagel Café, and with a new owner, the café‘s name then became B2 Café. Over the years, B2 Café became more widely known, with its mascot Obart, the fictional eclectic chef, gaining popularity as well.

Obart represents consumers who wanted a change from bland tasting ultra-fast foods, as well as the kinds of food that took an exceptionally long time to be prepare (food that tended to be very expensive as well). Obart the Mascot’s story began when the company thought about representing these kinds of consumers: those who wanted a place with affordable food and a dining environment that was comfortable.

Obart also represents consumers who wanted a place that offered food that can be ready in a reasonably fast time. Through Obart, B2 Café was able to project the kind of restaurant that offered a variety of choices, a great atmosphere, as well as great deals, that allowed one to be in and out after getting a meal. Today, Obart has become the café’s ambassador, promoting its products to consumers of all kinds.

Headquarters: Tallahassee, Florida
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography: USA
Demography: Retail bakery consumers, restaurant-goers

B2 Café

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