The bakery section in a grocery store is usually a beautiful sight to behold. The section will usually arouse your sense of smell with the delightful scents from the flavorings and fillings. A number of grocery stores have bakeries that they have consigned within their premises.

Even with the pretty sights of bakery treats that are cooked on site, the scent of freshly baked bread, pies and cookies that will often leave us salivating, many a customer have not always been satisfied with the bakery’s products. Most people feel that supermarket owned bakeries have lower quality, even mediocre bakery sections that churn out boring bakery products as opposed to independently owned bakeries that seem to have higher standards and will often try to win customers by offering somewhat better treats.

Complaints are that the products offered are not always fresh and some do not meet expectations. Bakeries should ordinarily have a wide selection of cakes, tarts, fresh bread, pies, muffins, doughnuts, bagels, pastries, and cookies and all other sweet tasting and decadent offerings.

However, it seems to be almost a dream for any bakery to treat their customers to a consistent supply of fresh bread that has a crisp golden crust and not so rock hard that you almost need an electric saw to cut it. It also is not too much to ask to have a scrumptious looking muffin or cookie taste as divine as it looks.

There are a number of wonderful in-store bakeries where you can get exceptional service with divine tasting treats to go with it and to top it all, a wide selection to keep our sweet tooth occupied and wanting more.

Which is your favorite bakery and what treats do you enjoy?