pmsTry fighting those PMS pains with these foods and you may just reduce on pill popping to alleviate those premenstrual symptoms. Most women dread premenstrual symptoms. These symptoms often vary in severity and may include bloating, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, and cramps, among others. Whether mild or severe, some foods can help alleviate and make this time bearable and more comfortable. Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) usually results from hormonal changes, but they can be reduced.

Foods that are rich in vitamin B in your diet will help reduce bloating and fatigue. Some of these foods such as bananas, nuts, yogurt, eggs and whole grains are packed with vitamin B and will work to keep your blood sugar levels high, thus help to eliminate fatigue and reduce mood swings.

Healthy fatty foods such as salmon and tuna will give your body the good fatty benefits it needs. These also will increase the potassium intake in your body, which will greatly reduce those PMS symptoms. These are also a good source of vitamin E.

Vegetables and fruits have also been proven to be the best source for potassium that helps in reducing bloating and other PMS symptoms.

Water gain and bloating can be remedied by taking foods that have high water levels such as cucumbers and celery.

Satisfy those food cravings, not by eating too much, especially for chocolate, but by taking the craving in small measures or replacing it with a much healthier choice. If its chocolate you crave for, rather than eat too much, why not have chocolate pudding or eat dark chocolate, which is healthier and has less sugar. This way you will ensure that the chocolate will satisfy the craving.