Beechgrove Country Foods Inc. is a privately owned Canadian meat processing company headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

Beechgrove Country Foods Inc. has a HACCP-certified meat processing facility that is federally inspected. The facility is located in Toronto, Ontario, and also serves as the company’s headquarters.

Since the company’s creation, it has focused on producing processed meat products and becoming an expert in the area of export marketing. Over the years, even as it has accomplished that goal, the company continues to work on expanding its operations to different countries, and introduce its products to international markets. So far, Beechgrove’s products have been introduced to international markets like the USA, the Caribbean, Mexico and Japan.

At the company’s processing facility, strict standards on all process are implemented in order to ensure food safety. The company obtained HACCP-certification in June of 1999 from The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and was one of the first fifty companies in Canada to receive this certification. Becoming an HACCP-certified meat processing company was one of the company’s major accomplishments in its history.

The company’s management team continuously works with its customers in developing the ordered products. Beechgrove’s custom formulation makes the food products and pizza stand out and offer a competitive advantage. Among the company’s processed meat products are pepperoni (cooked and dry cured varieties), Italian sausage (sliced), bacon products (fully cooked), ham (fully cooked) and crumbles (fully cooked). Beechgrove Foods has also established itself as a supplier of prepared foods and pizza products. Its customers are able to customize their orders and the company makes the product orders according to customer preference. Among the company’s customers are independent pizzerias, franchise pizza stores, manufacturers of frozen pizza, food service companies, co-packing manufacturers and prepared food businesses in the retail market.

Beechgrove Foods offers a number of benefits to its customers, as well as to potential customers. Among these benefits include having a one-stop supplier of a complete line of meat toppings for pizza, and product developments to make the products distinctive that it will stand out. Beechgrove also offers competitive prices for both low-volume and high-volume production runs. The company is able to afford offering competitive prices because of its highly advanced manufacturing techniques.

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography:Canada, USA, Japan, the Caribbean, Mexico
Demography: Foodservice operators, pizza chains, food-manufacturing companies

Beechgrove Country Foods

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