big redBig Red Soda is a Big Red Inc. brand referring to a carbonated beverage with a unique taste and distinctive red hue. Big Red Soda is known as the “original red soda” and it’s just one of the many products created and licensed for production by Big Red Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas since 2009.

Big Red Inc. is recognized to be among the top ten largest beverage companies in North America. Its history commenced in 1937 when Grover C. Thomsen and R.H. Roark created a unique soft drink in Waco, Texas, originally named Sun Tang Red Cream Soda. Best known as the number one selling red soda producer, Big Red Soda got its current name in 1959 when the president of the San Antonio bottling plant, Harold Jansing, heard a golf caddy referring to Sun Tang Red Cream Soda as Big Red.

Big Red is considered an American variety of cream soda with a unique almond flavor and red color. The drink’s manufacturing process involves mixing oranges and lemon oils along with the traditional vanilla used in other cream sodas. Originally sold exclusively around Louisville, Kentucky and some parts of Southern Indiana, Big Red Soda is now marketed throughout the United States, but remains mostly popular in Southern United States.

Big Red Soda is distributed, as well as produced under license from Big Red by a number of soft drink bottlers, such as Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, which markets 80% of the products that Big Red sells annually. In addition, the red soda is also sold by CCE and Pepsi Bottling Group, which allows consumers across the US to enjoy Big Red Inc.’s unique red soda. Big Red is imported in the United Kingdom by PS Foods Ltd and American Soda.

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