hero-product-packageCrystal Light is a powdered, low-calorie beverage drink produced by Kraft Foods.

Crystal Light combines both natural and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, mixed together with minimum levels of sugar. Crystal Light was first introduced by actress Linda Evans, as its spokesperson in 1982. The brand later went along after a short while and had actresses Priscilla Presley and Raquel Welch, who were both celebrities as the spokes persons. The first products were being packed in canisters and more than 20 years later, in 2004, the product was packed in what is commonly referred to as “On the Go” packets. Five years later, there was a re-design of the multi-serving packages that were initially being used. The new designs came with convenience as they were lighter and became popular in the market because of the flexibility it offers to customers.

There are a number of products developed under Crystal Light with Pure Fitness among the most recent products launched. This flavor comes with the ‘on the go” packets and has natural sweeteners and artificial ones, such as truvia. Crystal Light flavors are gluten free, most of these flavors are only 5 calories per serving. Depending on the packaging, there are different count packages with the multi-serving size that offers 8-quart canisters and the “on the go” packets that come in a box of ten servings.

Other popular brands in the US include Crystal Light Mocktails that are the perfect choice for a cocktail beverage taste without the liquor or calories, in flavors such as mojito. Crystal Light liquid, which comes packed “on the go,” brings together the convenience of the packing, as well as the sweet flavors of Crystal Light for perfect refreshment.

Crystal Light Products

Cyrstal Light: 20 flavors

Crystal Light Energy: 4 flavors

Crystal Light Mocktails: 3 flavors

Crystal Light Pure: 4 flavors

Crustal Light Liquid; 6 flavors

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