BJ’s and Whole Food grocery chains will be giving special attention to produce that will be coming from farms in Maryland.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Maryland stores will be making special sections to highlight produce coming from Maryland farms. The grocery chain will also be making special sections for Virginia fruits and vegetables in its Virginia stores. These special sections will be opened starting the first week of June. According to BJ’s spokesperson Catherine Troutman, some of the produce that will be displayed will include green peppers, yellow squash, corn, zucchini squash and cucumbers.

Whole Foods Market, on the other hand, will be introducing a pilot program that will focus on agriculture that will be supported by the community. This pilot program will be named Maryland’s Pick. Customers who shop at Whole Foods Stores in Annapolis, Rockville, Silver Spring and Mount Washington, Maryland can sign up for the program by paying $25 every week. In exchange, customers who sign up will be given pre-packed bags of fruits and vegetables from local farms. Every bag used will be printed with information about the Maryland grower that the produce came from.

According to Mark Powell, Maryland’s marketing chief for the Department of Agriculture, about 78% of Maryland residents say they want produce that has been locally grown. It is a good thing that grocery store companies are working with the state’s local growers in order to highlight the state’s produce. It will help significantly in the growth of Maryland’s agriculture industry and at the same time, satisfy the locals’ need for locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.