Blommer ChocolateBlommer Chocolate Company is a family owned candy and confectionery manufacturing business, which also processes and supplies cocoa to other chocolate confectionery manufactures around the world. It also has a signature line of boxed chocolates in a variety of flavors known for its premium quality. They also produce black cocoa, such as that for Oreo® cookies; nib–Dutched cocoa; cake based cocoa and other cocoa powders used by other food manufacturers in their products. They supply cocoa bean powders internationally. Based in Pennsylvania, the company also sells machinery used for manufacturing confectioneries.

Blommer Chocolate Company was founded in 1939 by brothers Henry, Bernard and Al Blommer in Chicago, Illinois. From the beginning, the products of the company were a huge success. Due to their immense popularity, they expanded the business to other parts of North America. They opened a new chocolate factory in Los Angeles, California, and named it Blommer Chocolate Factory of California. The company also acquired a share of Boldemann Chocolate in San Francisco in 1952. Soon afterward, it started expanding to other parts of California.

In 1970, a new manufacturing plant was opened in Union City, California. The production in the San Francisco and Los Angeles manufacturing plants was reduced. Most of the manufacturing was centered in Union City. The demand for cocoa powders and chocolate increased rapidly. So, another manufacturing plant was opened in East Greenville, Pennsylvania in 1980. The same year, it also increased the facilities at the plant by adding on 85,000 sq. ft. In addition to plants in the U.S., the company opened a manufacturing plant in Ontario, Canada.

Blommer Chocolate Company is still owned by the Blommer family. The same traditional recipe developed by the Blommer brothers is still used by the company, so that only quality products are produced. Over the years, it has also maintained its reputation as one of the best confectionery companies in America. Even today, the products of the company, ranging from cocoa powders to boxed chocolates are in great demand. Almost 5% of the cocoa manufactured in the entire world is produced by this company. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, it still maintains the core values of the company – consistency, quality and concern for the customer.

Company headquarters: 1101 Bloomer Drive, East Greenville, PA, USA.
Ownership: Private
Number of manufacturing plants: Four, Chicago, IL; Union City, CA; East Greenville, PA; Campbellford, ON, Canada.
Annual revenue: $50 to $100 million
Number of employees: 200
Geography: USA, Canada
Demography: Young, Natural and Organic

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