Brookshire GroceryOne of today’s most respected grocery chains, Brookshire’s, operates its stores under the same philosophy as always. That being, to provide the cleanest store in the area and maintaining a reputation as a trendsetter.

In 1928, Brookshire Grocery Company opened its 2500 square foot store in Tyler, Texas. Wood T. Brookshire and his five brothers owned several stores in East Texas. The Brookshire Brother’s goal was to provide a chain of local grocery stores at a time when having a chain of stores was a new concept. Competing against huge stores such as A&P and the Kroger Company, the Brookshire Brothers carved out their own niche in the East Texas marketplace.

Incorporating the new concept of a self-service grocer in place of having the customer hand an order to a clerk to fill, Brookshire’s encouraged customers to view all of the products available for sale. This in turn reduced Brookshire’s operating expenses which cut prices and built a strong customer base.

The 1930’s saw a replacement of the small, local grocers by the much larger and more competitive supermarket. Because they were able to deal with larger volumes and wider varieties of groceries, Brookshire was able to offer its goods at very low prices and increase its profits by expanding. In 1939, the brothers dissolved their partnership and Wood T. became the sole proprietor. The three stores at this time became the base of the 100-store company of the 1990’s.

The strategy that enabled Brookshire to enjoy a strong and steady growth over the decades was extremely simple. Brookshire strove to provide a friendly and strong service to their customers. Brookshire’s made certain that not only did their customers get a friendly greeting upon entering but also at checkout. They were also given heartfelt greetings from every employee from the stockers to the service counter employee, as well.

Headquarters: Tyler, Texas
Number of Stores: 187
Annual Revenue: $2.27 billion
Number of Employees: 12,000
Geography: Texas and Louisiana
Special Services: Western Union Services, Tickets, Coinstar, Carpet Express Rentals, Louisiana Lottery, General Office Services, Toll Tags, Licenses, Texas Lottery, Gift Cards

Brookshire Grocery Co.
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ALPS (Always Low Price Store)

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