Bon AmiBon Ami cleaning products have been part of America’s households for more than a century. Known for having one of the most eco-friendly packaging on shelves, and biodegradable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic formulas, Bon Ami remains a favorite today.

The original formula was created by the J.T. Robertson Soap Company in 1886. The soap was created as an alternative to the scouring powders and cleaners in the market that used quartz. The company realized that feldspar, which was originally separated from the quartz, could be kept and used to make a less abrasive product.

In 1896, Bon Ami became a household product known for not scratching the surface of products it cleaned. Bon Ami’s famous slogan was the image of a newborn chick with the phrase “hasn’t scratched yet.” This phrase signified that Bon Ami products won’t scratch the surfaces they clean, just like a newborn chick doesn’t scratch the ground for 3 days. In 1971

Bon Ami was bought by the Faultless Starch Company. They later changed their name to The Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company so that Bon Ami could get more presence in the market.

Nancy Beaham, family of the owners of the Faultless Starch/Bon Ami company spent the 70’s reading consumer letters. These letters were all of the same nature; insistent that Bon Ami is great the way it is, not warranting change. The loyal customers of Bon Ami claimed they were happier with a bleach-free product, and those with sensitive skin and allergies claimed that the non-complex, minimal chemical and fragrance-free formula was best for their skin.  Bon Ami’s products include the original 1886 cleaning powder formula, powder cleanser, dish soap, all purpose cleaner and liquid cleaner.


Headquarters: Kansas City, Missouri
Area Sold: Worldwide
Employees: 200-500
Brands: Faultless Starch, Bon Ami, Magic, Kleen King, Evoque, Trapp Private Gardens.