HeinzLogoHenry John Heinz started out as a foodstuff packager in Pennsylvania, 1869. He formed the Heinz Noble Company with a partner and friend, and together they started marketing horseradish. In 1875, following the bankruptcy of this company, Heinz started the F & J Heinz company with his brother and cousin. Their first product made was ketchup. The company was growing steadily and prompted Heinz to buy out his brother and cousin in 1888. He reorganized the company to be known as the H.J. Heinz Company. The company then became incorporated in 1905. H.J Heinz was president of the company all of his life, and under his control the company pioneered sanitary food preparation methods.

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Today, Heinz is one of the largest condiment manufacturers in the world, with international presence in 8 different countries. The company world headquarters remain in Pennsylvania where the company was originally founded. Heinz in Australia is known for their baked beans and the variety of flavors they come in. Heinz in Canada is the major supplier for single serving packages and production of tomato juice, mustard, vinegar, BBQ and canned pasta. In India, the company specializes in chilli sauce in addition to various flavors of ketchup depending on region. In the United Kingdom Heinz is the leader in baked bean sales. Europe’s largest factory is the Kitt Green facility in England with a turnover of 1 billion cans per year.

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Heinz products can be found in over 200 countries around the world, being well known for ketchup, baked beans, infant nutrition frozen entrees and more. Heinz also has 14 top brands around the world such as Fridays restaurant, Watties, Honig, Ore Ida and Lea & Perrins. Heinz frozen entrees include some favorites like Bagel Bites, Ore Ida and Delimex. Nurture is a well known infant nutrition product made by Heinz.


Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Locations: Worldwide
Revenue: $11.64 Billion (US)
Employees: 32,200

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