Bristol Farms has recently celebrated its being independently owned again after being a subsidiary company for store chains Albertson’s and Supervalu for six years.

The buy out became possible when Bristol Farms partnered with investment firm Endeavor Capital. With the partnership, Bristol Farms is also now able to improve the operations of its current stores in order to maximize each store’s cash flow.

Kevin Davis, who is Bristol Farms current president, chairman and CEO, said that the store chain now has a lot of opportunities for expanding volume base. Currently, the grocery chain operates a total of 14 stores.

Davis also laid out some of Bristol Farms’ plans, which include:

1.    An expansion or two in different locations every year for the next few years. New locations targeted are in Southern California. Northern California is also a possible location for new stores.
2.    Bristol Farms Rolling Hills remodeling. The store in Rolling Hills, California is its original store.
3.    Come up with ways to expand nutritional supplements and vitamin supply.
4.    Remerchandising of its current stores.

According to Davis, the first two months of Bristol Farms’ first quarter showed positive feedback. The grocery chain’s sales have been improving ever since last summer and this is a positive sign for the company. Davis attributes this increased sales to the fact that people are now buying more freely than they did before. Davis considers Bristol Farms a lifestyle store that draws in people who want food that are gourmet or exotic. He said that the people who buy from their stores are those who have enough to indulge in spoiling themselves and people who want to buy something special.