carnation_detailCarnation describes a brand of evaporated milk manufactured by Nestle Company since 1985.

There is so much history to this type of evaporated milk other than its creamy taste. The origins of Carnation can be traced back to more than one hundred years ago in 1899. This is when two businesspersons one of which was E.A. Stuart, who later became honored for the brand formed, a condensed milk company in the Pacific Coast. Stuart’s partner decided to leave the company, leaving him with accumulated debts amounting to $105,000. Stuart had a strong belief that high quality milk could only be gotten from high quality cow breeds; something he had learned from his father. He therefore supplied purebred bulls to farmers, who in turn supplied him with milk, and the changes were noticeable. Stuart later decided to establish his own breeding farm and it is popular for erecting a statue of a cow that produced a record 37,381 pounds of milk in 1920.

Carnation is well marketed and accepted around the world, managing to become among the most popular American pantry product. The product quality has not changed over time and Carnation has retained the trust of Americans pantries for more than 110 years.

There are different products by Carnation in the market and these include, Cook With It, which is flavored condensed milk perfect for cooking, it is a low fat cooking crème and fits perfectly with casserole bakes and also with sauces. Another popular Carnation product in the American market is sweetened condensed milk that is made from natural ingredients and adds a sweet taste to bakes. Carnation caramel is ready made and can be eaten directly or added to recipes. All its ingredients are natural, making it healthy and nutritious to consume.

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