dryersDreyer’s Ice Cream is a brand name that represents one of the world’s top quality ice creams on the market today. Nestle is the company that makes and markets these yummy ice creams.

Dreyer’s Ice Cream was introduced in 1928 by William Dreyer, who was an experienced ice cream maker that partnered with Joseph Edy who dealt with candies. The two entrepreneurs introduced a new ice cream flavor in 1929 that they named Rocky Road and it was successful in the market, continuing to impress families in America. The business grew and in 1948, William bought a plant to manufacture ice cream and this was on “Grand” avenue in Oakland and hence the name “Grand Ice Cream.” Five years later, he retired to leave his son Junior in charge of the business, which continued to rise until in the 1980s when it sold its shares publicly. The brand had experienced success beyond U.S. borders and it put smiles to millions from coast to coast. Dreyer’s ice cream has continued to dominate the markets with a range of high-quality ice cream flavors.

Low fat with wholesome ingredients are the two major factors that have led to the massive popularity of the slow churned ice cream. It’s creamy and has a delicious taste, but better than the other ice creams on the market because of its low fat content. You can get vanilla, caramel delight and no sugar added flavors of slow churned. Other popular brands are; Grand, which was the first to be introduced to the market and experienced astonishing sales, becoming the most sold ice cream brand in America in earlier times. Dibs brand is made of snacks that have been frozen and the recently renamed outshine “Fruit Bars” that comes with the taste of real fruits.

Brand products

Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream

Dreyer’s Slow Churned

Dreyer’s Dibs

Dreyer’s Outshine Fruit Bars

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