weightlossCelebrities have to work hard at losing weight. Yet, they also have the help of top nutritionists to help them accomplish this feat.  So, what secrets do they hold about eating right that the rest of us could benefit from?  Let’s take a look at websites that tell some of the best celebrity eating secrets….


Ginnifer Goodwin is listed as a lifetime Weight Watchers member, stating that she has been using Weight Watchers since she was 9 years old.  According to experts, it is ok for kids to use this diet since it promotes healthy lifestyle choices over restricting calories.  So apparently, Ginnifer Goodwin just got a jumpstart on the rest of us.  Brook Burke is also featured on this website.  Along with exercise, Brooke Burke stays in shape by following a “Mediterranean diet.”  This type of diet emphasizes fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.  It is a great diet for preventing and treating cardiovascular conditions and diabetes as well.


The Skinny Website posts articles about “celebrity weight, diet, exercise, body gossip.”  Right now it is featuring a story about the book Modelland by Tyra Banks.  Apparently, Tyra Banks slimmed-down by using a low carb diet and exercise regimen; she is said to have lost 30 pounds this way.


CelebrityWeightloss.org is a great website to visit if you want to know more about healthy ways that celebrities lose weight.  One of the celebrities that the website features is Matt Damon.  To prepare for his roles, Matt Damon eats a balanced diet of low-carbohydrates, fish, lean meats, eggs, fruits and vegetables.  He also uses cardio workout, such as swimming and running and practices a form of Filipino martial arts called Kali.  Kim Kardashian is also featured on the website for her weight-loss skills. According to CelebrityWeightloss.org, the Kim Kardashian diet plan includes:

  • A breakfast of bananas and oatmeal
  • Yogurt, granola, and grilled chicken salad for lunch
  • A snack of carrots with ranch dressing
  • Vegetables, fish, and green tea for dinner


RedBookMag.com offers up some of the secrets used by celebrities to lose weight.  Teddy Bass taught Lucy Lui and Carmon Diaz to be accountable for every bite that they take.  Learn about portion sizes, count calories, and keep a food journal to help you understand what you are eating. This will keep you from eating emotionally, but also keeps you from starving yourself. The point is to be more aware of what you are putting into your body.  You can learn more about Teddy Bass weight-loss techniques by visiting Teddybass.com.  You can also use an online weight-loss notebook, calendar, and calorie counter by visiting Sparkpeople.com, according to Redbook.