Food-related topics seemed to have been hitting the newsstands constantly over the last month.   This article will fill you in on some of the most recent celebrity and food related news.

Rachel Ray

It seems that everyone wants to make whoopie pies this Valentine’s Day.  These soft, cake-like sandwiches are a perfect for Valentine’s Day.  According to the Salt Lake Tribune, these desserts are beginning to show up in bakeries and grocery stores across the country.  The pies are growing in popularity and gaining notoriety among cookbook authors, culinary websites and food bloggers.  This trend has not escaped celebrity chef Rachael Ray.  The Food Network Cooking Star, Rachel Ray, has added a whoopie pie pan to the cookware line.

Paula Deen

The confession that Paula Deen made about her type 2 diabetes has been met with controversy, according to the Fay Observer.  Paula Deen features southern-style recipes which are often fried or full of high amounts of sugar or saturated fats.  The fact that she has kept her type 2 diabetes in the dark over the last few years yet continued to promote the same indulgences that often bring about the disease is met by many with judgment.  Many of people are asking why Deen hasn’t offered a wide variety of healthier options.

Not everyone is angry with the Food Network star; many state that it should be a matter of personal responsibility how diabetes is managed.   Deen stated very defensively that the foods featured on her show should be cooked and eating in moderation.  She does not intend to change her style of cooking, although her website is beginning to host some ‘lighter’ meals.

Hugh Fearnley

On the 8th of February it was published in the that a fire seriously damaged River Cottage Park Farm, a business of celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley.  The cottage caught fire after 10 pm on February 7th and the cause of the blaze is unknown.   Obviously the cookery school courses will not be running in the short term, but the River Cottage Canteen and Deli at Axminster were not affected and will still be open.  The scene was attended by the Salvation Army to cater those affected and the River Cottage team sent a shout-out to the fire brigade who responded quickly and worked hard to contain the fire.

Food Network’s Celebrity Cook-Off

There were a record number of viewers tuning into Food Network last month.  This is mostly due to the new celebrity cook-off show hosted by Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri.  The Show featured celebrities such as Aaron Carter, Lou Diamond Phillips, and rapper Coolio.  Celebrity Cook-Off contributed to 1.4 million viewers, which was up 25% from the same period last year.  This made January the most highly-rated and most watched month for Food Network.