Centra is a chain of convenience stores that originated in the Republic of Ireland. The company is a subsidiary of Musgrave Retail Group, however a majority of the stores are owned by Centra franchise owners.


Centra was originally founded in 1960 in theRepublic of Ireland. Originally, the store’s name was “VG.” In 1979, VG stores were re-branded as SuperValu stores while the smaller ones were re-branded as Centra stores.

Both SuperValu and Centra stores started to open in Northern Ireland after a few years. Currently, Centra’s parent company is the Musgrave Group, but Centra franchise owners own most of the stores.

Centra stores are available in three different formats: the quick stop set-up, the food market set-up and the supermarket set-up. These formats will apply to small, medium and large Centra stores respectively. Centra franchise owners can use of any of these formats for their Centra store, depending on the size of the property they have. Most stores however, follow the quick stop design. This is because a number of Musgrave stores also have the SuperValu set-up, which are larger supermarkets. Centra franchise owners are all independent retailers, but receive support from the parent company’s sales, finance, IT, human resources and marketing teams.

Today, there are more or less 120 stores in the area of Northern Ireland. Among Centra’s major competitors are Spar, Londis, Gala, Costcutter and Mace. In theRepublic of Ireland, Centra stores total more than 450. In its country of origin, Centra has experienced an exceptional 17% growth in 2010.

Since its inception, Centra stores have been providing consumers with convenient solutions to shopping, as all that a customer needs is available at prices that are very reasonable. This convenience chain has developed a reputation for value, friendly service and quality. Because local operators own most stores, customers are assured that they will be able to get the best that the stores have to offer.

Aside from national brands, Centra stores also offer their own private label. Among the products that are sold under Centra’s private label are salads, ready-to-eat meals and wines. Centra has also become one of Ireland’s strongest brands in the area of retail.

Headquarters:Northern Ireland
Ownership Type: a subsidiary of Musgrave Retail
Employees: information not available
Geography:Ireland, UK
Demography: retail products consumers


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