Ginsters of Cornwall is a British food manufacturing company engaged in the production of savory products, pastries and other bakery items. The company has its headquarters in Cornwall, UK.


Ginsters of Cornwall was founded in the 1960s as a family-owned business. Originally, the business was engaged in egg-packing and was first headquartered in Callington.

The egg-packing facility was converted into a bakery, which in its early years had only 30 employees. The Ginsters bakery offered delicious Cornish pastry to its customers using only the freshest ingredients sourced from local producers.

In 1977, Samworth Brothers Limited took ownership of Ginsters of Cornwall. Because of the increasing demand for Ginster products, the company had to build a bigger bakery. Today, there are more than 700 people working for the company in order to give its customers millions of pastries and other bakery products each week.

Ever since Ginsters Bakery started, Cornish pasty has been its specialty. This hearty snack has been an all-time favorite of busy people for more than 300 years. The Cornish pasty was favored especially by farm workers, miners, and those who preferred eating convenient and yet deliciously satisfying meals. With meat and vegetables enclosed by the pastry casing, the distinctive flavor was retained and eating it did not require the use of utensils.

Since the 1940s, Cornwall has been a very popular tourist attraction, as well as holiday destination. Tourists and vacationers in the past would come back to their homes bringing with them stories about how they came to know about the tasty Cornish pasty. Some tourists and vacationers would even bring Cornish pasty back home with them. Through this, the Cornish pasty started to become popular, not only in the whole of Cornwall, but worldwide.

Soon, bakery businesses tried to figure out and duplicate the Cornish pasty, but few succeeded. One of these businesses that succeeded in creating the tasty pastry is Ginsters of Cornwall. Today, Ginsters is known to be one of the most successful producers of the original Cornwall pastry in the whole of  UK.

Headquarters: Cornwall,UK
Ownership Type: private, a division of Samworth Brothers Limited
Employees: more than 700
Geography: UK
Demography: retail food consumers

Ginsters of Cornwall

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