The CFIA recently announced a health alert on certain gravy sauce mixes sold under the McCormick brand. The international roast gravy mix is believed to contain milk that has been undeclared in the product’s list of ingredients.

The affected product is sold as “Roast Gravy Sauce Mix,” sold under the McCormick International brand, and sold in 32-gram packs ad with a UPC code of 066200905569. Date codes affected by this health alert and product recall are 1214A, 1214C,1214B and 1215C. This date code can be found on the product packaging’s side edge.

Milk is considered a common food allergen that affects a significant number of people all over the world. People who are hypersensitive to milk in all of its forms may suffer from an allergy attack. In worst cases, these attacks may lead to more serious medical emergencies that could even lead to death, especially in children and the elderly. Currently however, there have been no reports of allergy attacks that are related to this product.

The affected gravy sauce mix has been distributed in a number of food retailers all throughout the country. McCormick Canada Co., the manufacturer of the affected product is currently working on informing distributors and retailers about this concern, and recalling the product from the market. The CFIA is working with McCormick in monitoring if the recall has been effective.

Consumers who are concerned about this recall may call CFIA at the agency’s hotline, 1-800-442-2342. They can also visit if they want to know more about the most common allergens.