T&T Supermarkets is a chain of Asian supermarkets in Canada. The company is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada.

T&T Supermarket, Incorporated first opened two stores in the area of Burnaby (Metrotown Centre) andRichmond (President’s Plaza). The stores were put up because the owners wanted to offer Asian immigrants in Canada a comfortable shopping environment where they can buy many of their native country’s foods. This new approach to business led the company to the success that it is currently experiencing. It has also started a new age of Asian supermarkets in Canada.

In 1996, T&T’s third store started operating in the area of Vancouver Chinatown. A year after, a fourth store was opened on East First Avenue, which then expanded to the area of Vancouver East. Also in 1997, T&T opened its fifth store. In 1998, Surrey became the location for T&T’s sixth store and a year later, a seventh store was opened in the area of Calgary. In 2000, T&T opened its eighth store at the Coquitlam Center Shopping Mall. In 2002, T&T opened its ninth store at the Promenade Shopping Center in Greater Toronto, and not a year after that, the tenth store was opened in the area of Edmonton. By 2011, T&T will soon have twenty stores all over the country and its expansion does not appear to be stopping there. The chain continues to work towards improving its service, its products and its stores for the benefit of its customers.

Much of the success that T&T Supermarket has achieved is because it is unique. The chain has been known as the embodiment of Asian taste. Most of the products that it offers are Asian foods, and items are not normally found in a conventional food retail store in Canada.

Asian items like fresh Philippine mangoes, crispy Japanese snacks, Hong Kong Sauces, Taiwanese Noodles, Thai spices and other food products from Asian countries like China are sold in the supermarket. One favourite area in the supermarket is the seafood section where fresh shrimp, crab and fish swim in holding tanks large enough to accommodate all the live seafood. Consumers love this section because they can choose the freshest seafood they can find that is perfect for what they have in mind. Seafood like the Geoduck, Alaskan King Crab and some special types of lobster are just some of the items one can find at the T&T Supermarket’s seafood section.

Headquarters:Richmond, British Columbia
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Retail products consumers

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