cw-texmexCheez Whiz is a brand of spread or cheese sauce owned by the Kraft Foods Company. The product is in the form of a viscous paste that is bright yellow in color and packaged in glass jars. Cheez Whiz is mainly used for topping corn chips, hot dogs cheesesteaks, among other foods. The product is marketed and sold in Mexico, Canada, United States, Venezuela and Philippines. Cheez Whiz belongs to the category of processed cheese foods and may at times include individually packaged cheese slices. The major product ingredient is regular cheese processed in combination with other ingredients like stabilizing agents and emulsifiers.

The history of Cheez Whiz dates back to 1953 when it was debuted in the United States. The product was developed or introduced by a group whose leader was Edwin Traisam (1915-2007), a food scientist. Prior to the official national debut, Kraft Foods and several other retailers advertised the products in different states. The flavor and tanginess of Cheez Whiz is derived from ingredients like flavoring compounds and citric acid.

Some markets that sell the product as a spread have the product contained in a narrow jar with a tapered base. The jars are much larger and in a cylindrical shape when sold as a source or dip. Since its inception, Cheez Whiz has greatly changed and grown in terms of diversity. Today, the product comes in a number of varieties such as Cheez Whiz Light, Cheez Whiz, Salsa Con Quesco, Cheez Whiz Tex Mex, Cheez Whiz Bacon, and Cheez Whiz Italia. The “Handi Snacks” products also contain Cheex Whiz. In the early 21st century, the product was reformulated.

Cheez Whiz Products

Cheez Whiz Original

Cheeze Whiz Light

Cheeze Whiz Salsa Con Queso

Cheez Whiz Tex Mex

Cheez Whiz Bacon

Cheez Whiz Italia

Handi Snacks – packaged crackers with cheese

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