footer-productCapri Sun is a juice concentrate beverage owned by WILD, a German Company. The product is packaged in laminated pouches. The history of Capri Sun dates back to 1961 when the product was introduced. The product was distributed and introduced in the United States in 1981. For North America, Kraft Foods is the official production partner. The Coca-Cola Enterprises distributed the product in France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium.

The standard Capri Sun package is a box containing 10 laminated pouches. Each pouch contains 200 ml of the juice concentrate. Since its inception, the product has undergone numerous changes. For instance, today’s pouch contains 177 ml of the juice concentrate. When filled, the pouch takes a trapezoid shape and a rectangular shape when empty or flat. It is also essential to note that the pouch is able to stand upright when placed on a flat surface because of its flared bottom. Each individual poach comes with a straw. There are additional sizes including a 300 ml pouch that has a cap that is re-sealable.

Capri Sun Products

Capri Sun Original – juice blend, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives — 14 flavors

Capris Sun Sunrise – 3 flavors with added vitamin C and calcium

Capris Sun Roarin’ Waters – flavored water beverage in 7 flavors

Capri Sun 100% Juice – 100% fruit juice in 5 flavors

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