Oregon-based confectionery company Chocolate Decadence has issued an allergy alert on several of its chocolate products. The products are being recalled because of the presence of milk, a known allergen, which has not been declared as part of the ingredients.

The problem was discovered when one customer from Connecticut became ill after eating the affected product. Investigation of the incident showed that the chocolate was processed on a production line that had previously been processing milk chocolate. A recall was immediately issued after the incident.

The recalled Chocolate Decadence products include chocolate bars, fruit clusters (assorted), truffles, molded chocolates, almond clusters, fudge, and chocolate buttons (espresso, mint, raspberry, pure dark, peanut butter). Smaller packs of these chocolate products are contained in clear bags made of cellophane and with paper wrappers uniquely identifying the kind of product that is inside. Chocolate bars are wrapped in foil (silver) and then wrapped in paper wrappers (earth-toned). The recalled products contain no codes, expiration dates or “best by” dates.

Milk is a common food allergen. A significant number of people have allergy attacks upon consuming milk in any form. Common symptoms of an allergy attack include skin rash, gastric distress in the form of constipation or diarrhea, hives and vomiting. In some cases, an allergy attack could worsen to more serious health emergencies. Aside from the single incidence of allergy attack, no other medical emergencies related to the recalled products have been reported.

The recalled Chocolate Decadence products were distributed in various retail shops, as well as through online stores. Consumers who were able to purchase any of the recalled products are urged to return it to where they purchased it for a refund. Consumers can also call the company at 1-800-324-5018 or visit www.chocolatedecadence.com.