Giovanni Rana is an Italian food company primarily engaged in the production of different kinds of fresh pasta. The company’s products are distributed to different countries throughout Europe, including the UK.


Giovanni Rana, the company’s founder, is an Italian who has had true passion for the art of cooking since childhood. He first became a delivery boy for his family’s bakery in Verona which began his education in the area of food making. When Rana was young, he began specializing in the creation of different kinds of bread.

In 1961, when Rana was twenty-years old, he decided to start his own business and made fresh-filled pasta for his customers. His first shop was located in the area of San Giovanni Lupatoto and employed ten women to help him in the shop. At the time, Rana’s business was considered unusual because people in his hometown, and even most of the country, were used to pasta that they made in their homes.  Only a few people could buy fresh-filled pasta.

In the early years of the business, Rana only made tortellini if there were orders. He made the filling on Thursdays and finished the whole product on Friday through Saturdays. The finished products were then delivered to his customers on Sundays. Rana delivered the products himself with the help of his Moto Guzzi (motorcycle).

In 1965, Rana’s business saw an increasing customer base, which fueled his business’ growth. Four of his friends began helping him deliver his products and his sister helped him as well.  Over the next few years, Rana started creating his own recipes and continued developing these recipes with the helpful tips that housewives gave him.

Rana’s first clients were families in the neighborhood who were becoming busier with their work and no longer had time to make their own pasta.  As Rana’s business grew, he made it a point to preserve the company’s authentic artisan approach. He did this by using only carefully selected premium ingredients. Rana even had a patented machine for pasta processing. This particular machine copies the hand movements of a pasta maker, giving the resulting product would a similar texture to that of homemade pasta.

Initially, all pastas at Rana’s business were made by hand. However, with the increase in demand, he started using the self-designed machine in order to accommodate all of the orders.

In 1971, the company relocated to another site, one that had a larger capacity. In the later part of the 1970’s, the company was able to automate the whole process of producing fresh pasta. The 1980’s was the start of Giovanni Rana’s move for international expansion. Today, Giovanni Rana is considered a leader in the area of supplying fresh pasta in all of Europe.

Headquarters: London,UK (UK headquarters)
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: information not available
Geography: Europe
Demography: specialty food consumers


Giovanni Rana

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