Coborns DeliversCobornsDelivers is a grocery shopping delivery service allowing shoppers to have the supermarket at their fingertips. They service the Twin-Cities areas of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. They sell an array of products including dairy, fresh produce, meat and seafood.

The website for CobornDelivers first appeared on the Internet in 2008 and it was at this point that the company began to sprout into what it is today. The company got their idea from an existing company called SimonDelivers, which was acquired by Coborn’s. Although the basic idea of home deliveries was the same, the company was rebranded in order to make it profitable.

SimonDelivers was first established in 2001, taking advantage of the dot-com boom that was popular at the time. The company was run by Simon Foster but in the 5 years that the company was running it never made a profit. In 2006, it was announced that the company was closing due to not being able to keep up with the increase in food and fuel costs. However, the truth is that money was running out regardless of inflation.

In 2008, CobornDelivers contacted the previous customers of SimonDelivers and asked them to come back and start shopping with this new company. This technique was used alongside marketing to recruit new customers. Other promotion techniques involved offering vouchers to the general public and current customers.

In the past three years, the business model for the company has not changed very much. With a centrally located facility, the model is based on a milkman’s route. As a customer you place your grocery order and pay for it online. A delivery assistant will bring it to your house at a pre-decided delivery time. Unlike most other delivery companies, you do not need to be home as your groceries will be left outside in a pre-determined location in waterproof totes. All information will be decided when you place your first order.

The company’s can be contacted at their headquarters mailing address: CobornsDelivers, 3440 Winpark Drive, New Hope, MN 55427. Other important statistics about the company can be found listed below:
Ownership: Coborns
Public / Private: Private
Mergers: SimonDelivers
Number of Stores: 1
Number of Employees: 6,000
Annual Revenue: N/A
Geography: St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, America
Demographic: Internet Shopper
Special Services: Home Delivery


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