Abbott Nutrition LogoAbbott Nutrition is a renowned Ohio-based pharmaceutical company  which sells its products worldwide. The company has branches in over 130 countries. It sells products ranging from baby formulas to nutritional drinks for the elderly.

The history of Abott Nutrition traces back to the early 1900s, when Stanley M. Ross and Harry C. Moores started a pharmaceutical company named Moores and Ross Milk Company based in Columbus, Ohio. The company was the first to introduce powdered infant formula and the first product was called Franklin Infant Food. In 1927 they decided to give the formula a shorter name, Similac, and the name of the company was changed to M & R Dietetic Laboratories.

Similac was welcomed by consumers and the company became very successful. In 1951, the company started producing Similac Concentrated Liquid. It also conducted the first Pediatric Conference. By 1954, the company had launched 2 publications, Pediatric Currents and Nursing Currents. In 1956, Ross Laboratories was started as a branch of M & R Dietetic Laboratories. The company produced another version of Similac making it iron fortified.

Ross Laboratories opened its new branch in the Netherlands in 1961. Over the next couple of years, 2 new varieties of Similac were introduced. The company reached a major turning point when it was acquired by Abbott Laboratories in 1964. The next few years saw the introduction of new products in the market like Vi-Daylin, Isomil, Pedialyte, Advance, Ensure and Polycose. The company later discontinued the production of Vi-Daylin and Advance.

The next decade also saw the introduction of new products in the market. Abbott Nutrition concentrated more on nutritional supplements and many products were introduced for infants and adults with various diseases and nutritional deficiencies. In 1995, the company started an awareness program called Immunization Outreach Project, emphasizing the importance of immunization. A Breastfeeding Education and Support Training (BEST) Program was also launched to help mothers with breastfeeding. In 2000, it received the Industrial Design Excellence Award for designing a bottle for selling ready to feed Similac infant formula.

Over the years, Abbott Nutrition came up with many new nutritional supplements which became very popular. In 2004, the company acquired a factory which manufactured nutrition bars in California. From 2005 to 2007, new products such as Ensure Healthy Mom, Similac organic infant formula, Glucerna and EAS Champions bar were introduced.

Company headquarters: Columbus, OH, USA
Ownership: Private Company
Annual revenue: $500 million to $1 billion
Geography: 130 countries

Abbott Laboratories

Similac, Pedialyte, Elecare, Pediasure, Enlive, Ensure, Glucerna, EAS, Myloplex, Zoneperfect, Oxepa, Jevity

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