Colman’s is a UK subsidiary of the food manufacturing giant Unilever. The company is headquartered in London, UK.

The Colman’s story started more than 100 years ago, when Jeremiah Colman decided to take over a business that was engaged in producing mustard. Colman began running his mustard business in 1814 and by 1851 the business already boasted 200  employees. In 1862, the company relocated to a new location in the area of Carrow. The company’s original headquarters has now been replaced by a restaurant that displays memorabilia of Colman’s.

In 1866, the company introduced what has come to be known as the iconic Colman’s red & yellow label. In the same year, Jeremiah Colman was appointed by the Queen to be the palace’s mustard maker. As proof of this honour, the company was given the Royal Seal, which can be seen even today on all of Colman’s products.

Beginning in 1880 until 1939, Colman’s continued to honour the country’s royalty by issuing specially made pictorial tins. In 1855, the Colman bull’s head was first shown on the packaging of its mustard product. This bull’s head was a symbolism for the company’s quality and tradition.

In 1903, Colman’s was able to acquire its rival mustard company, Keen and Son. The acquisition helped Colman’s become a household name. This was also when the company adopted the saying “keen as mustard.”

In 1995, Colman’s was acquired by manufacturing giant Unilever. Despite being under a new ownership, Jeremiah Colman’s legacy is being continued and the brand’s products continue to be great-tasting family favourites. Today, the Colman’s brand not only boasts its excellent mustard, but other food products as well including recipe mixes, gravies, pour-over sauces and condiments.

Being the brand’s flagship product, Colman’s mustard now comes in several forms, which include the mustard tube, squeezable mustard, wholegrain mustard and mustard powder. The brand’s gravy range includes gravy paste (chicken, beef and onion pastes) and gravy mix. Among the brand’s pour-over sauces are bread sauce, curry, parsley and white sauce. The products are all made from the choicest vegetables and herbs and thus consumers can be assured that what they are getting from Colman’s is nothing but excellent quality.

Ownership Type: a subsidiary of Unilever
Employees: Information not available
Geography: UK
Demography: Retail food products consumers


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