Unilever UK’s British brand Colman has launched a new and convenient product to the market. This new product is known as “Instant Gravy Paste.”

This new range of convenient gravy comes in three varieties: chicken, onion and beef. This new gravy is a paste and packed in a tube format to provide convenience and ease of use. Produced in this format, consumers will find it easy and quick to create homemade gravy.

One of Colman’s goals in launching this new range of products is to re-invigorate the market for gravy with this new concept of convenience. Unlike a number of granulated products, this gravy from Colman’s is created using the juices of real meat. It does not contain any artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers or artificial colours.

According to Colman’s Brand Manager Gaelle Bouchard, the innovation in the format of the product will allow consumers to create quick, yet excellent gravy in an instant. The gravy paste need only be added to boiling water, mixed, and then it will be ready to serve.

This new gravy paste from Colman’s was launched initially in Tesco stores, as well as Sainbury’s stores in the early part of this year. The product was then made available all throughout the country by mid-August. The launching of the product will soon be supported by a TV advertisement campaign in October. It will then be followed by sampling and other support activities.

Colman’s new gravy paste will also be receiving additional funding for promotion activities all throughout the year 2012.