Pop Up Bowl PopcornConAgra Foods recently launched Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowl Popcorn. This new product will be considered Orville Redenbacher’s first bag-to-bowl product.

With this new Pop Up Bowl popcorn, family snacking and sharing has been made easier as the microwaveable bag pops open and becomes a stand-up, sturdy, wide-mouthed bowl ready for serving. This design is considered to an innovation in microwaveable popcorn.

Although other brands of popcorn have launched their version of bowl bags in the past, not one has been able to successfully provide the functionality and experience that customers expect and still deliver high-quality popcorn products.

Because the Pop Up bag-bowl has a transparent cover, kids and snack lovers will now be able to enjoy watching the popcorn pop until it becomes ready for eating. This new Orville Redenbacher Popcorn product contains one hundred percent whole grains and is considered to be a very good source when it comes to fiber. Varieties of this product include Butter, SmartPop, Ultimate Butter and Kettle Korn.

This popcorn product was featured recently on “The Early Show” (CBS), “The View” (ABC) and “USA Today” as one of the best new products for this year. According to Jesse Spungin, Orville Redenbacher’s vice president for marketing, this new product that the company has launched satisfies consumers’ need for a popcorn that can be easily shared and cleaned-up. Studies have also shown that consumers want to watch their popcorn pop and cook until it becomes ready. The company’s new Pop Up Bowl popcorn satisfies all of these requirements.

This new popcorn product is now available at retail stores for $2.99 for every 3-pack and $4.49 for every 6-pack.