ConAgra Foods, Incorporated of Omaha, Nebraska has launched three new products to the market just last month. Peter Pan® 100% Natural is an all-natural peanut butter spread that has three new varieties to offer.

Since its introduction, Peter Pan® sales have significantly increased, added to the fact that the peanut butter category has consistently been growing in sales ever since last year. According to ConAgra General Manager and Vice President, Karl Sears, the Peter Pan brand is the fastest growing brand when it comes to peanut butters. Sears added that they are expecting even more good results, as soon as more and more people start turning to foods that are all-natural.

Peter Pan® 100% Natural is available in three varieties, Natural Crunchy, Honey Roast Creamy and Natural Creamy. These are all no-stir varieties and are made from 100% natural ingredients and do not contain any hydrogenated oils, preservatives or trans-fats. Unlike other peanut butter spreads, Peter Pan 100% Natural spreads are not hard to stir and does not have oil pooling on top of it.

Peter Pan® 100% Natural also takes pride in being an affordable peanut butter despite it being made from all-natural ingredients, unlike other brands that are more expensive. These new varieties cost the same as the original varieties. Retail prices for these spreads are $2.21 for every 16.3-ounce jar and $3.67 for every 28-ounce jar. Currently, the Natural Crunchy variety is available only in 16.3-ounce jars. Peter Pan® 100% Natural spreads are available in retail stores all over the country.