Cote d'OrCote d’Or, a Belgian chocolate producer, was founded by Charles Neuhaus in 1883. Cote d’Or is a French name for Gold Coast or the modern-day Ghana. Neuhaus adopted the name because the cacao beans used in chocolate making originated from the area. In 1987, Jacobs Suchard purchased Cote d’Or. Kraft Foods purchased Jacobs Suchard in 1990. There are 600 million Cote d’Or products consumed by Belgians annually. Of those, 1.3 million Mignonettes and 2 million Chokotoffs (Chocolate bonbons) used to be produced by Cote d’Or factory in Halle daily. Mignonettes are small bars of chocolate that are currently manufactured in Poland.

There have been numerous controversies revolving around the ethical stance of the brands of chocolate worldwide. The ethical issues emerged following reports that there was exploitation of thousands of children in Ivory Coast’s cocoa farms. The Harkin-Engel Protocol was signed by Kraft and the rest of the industry with the aim of removing the worst child labor forms from the supply chain of cocoa. With respect to geography, Cote d’Or products are sold and marketed in Europe and the United States and Canada. Some of the major countries involved include Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland and Hungary.

Cote d’Or Chocolate Products

Cote d’Or Experiences Noir Extra Bittersweet Chocolate

Cote d’ Ore Intense Bittersweet Bar

Cote d’Or Experiences Noir Orange

Cote d’Or Pistache Noir

Cote d’ Or Noir de Noir Connoisseur Bar

Cote d’ Or Fin au Lait Connoissuer Bar

Cote d’ Or Noir Amandes Bar  – dark chocolate with almonds

Cote d’ Or Lait Noisettes – chocolate blend with hazelnuts

Cote d’ Or Bouchee 8 piece box – milk chocolate with hazelnut creme

Cote d’ Or Mignonette Noir de Noir

Cote d’ Or Mignonettes Lait – milk chocolate

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