Product_Listing_SnackCups_Gelatin_StrawberryThis is a Kraft Foods brand based in Illinois and specializes in gelatin dessert varieties such as puddings, no-bake cream pies and fruit gels. The popularity of the brand contributed to the adoption of “jello” as a generic term referring to gelatin dessert in Canada and United States.

Gelatin is a collagen-based protein derived from boiled connective tissues, bones and various other animal products. This protein has been a food component since the 15th century. The Victorian era was marked by complex jelly molds, which increased the popularity of gelatin in the west. Only the well-to-do and royalty could afford gelatin desserts.

Jell-O gelatin dessert was trademarked by Pearle Bixby Wait, a carpenter and cough syrup manufacturer in LeRoy, New York in 1897. Pearle and his wife incorporated other ingredients such as raspberry, strawberry, lemon and orange flavoring to sugar and granulated gelatin. Orator Woodward purchased Jell-O in 1899. For Jell-O to become a mainstream product, several elements played a key role. Some of these elements include new technologies like refrigeration, machine packaging, new marketing strategies and home economic classes.

Pudding flavors that were added to the Jell-O line include butterscotch, pistachio, coconut, tapioca, vanilla, rice pudding, flan and egg custard. There were more than 158 product lines marketed under Jell-O as of 2008. In the United States, about 300 million boxes of Jell-O were sold annually.  A recipe that has been suggested recently is adding an alcoholic drink to the product mix. In this recipe, alcohol makes 30 to 50 percent of the fluid added once gelatin has dissolved. The mixture that results is served as “Jell-O shots,” common in parties and gigs.

Jell-O Products

Jell-O gelatin mix, 19 flavors

Jell-O gelatin Snack Packs, 5 flavors

Jell-O pudding mixes, stove top cook and instant, 25 flavors

Jell-O pudding Snack Packs, 17 flavors

Jell-O pudding Temptations, 6 flavors

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