Expert couponer and blog owner Lauren Greutman is offering seminars on how to use coupons effectively in order to save a significant amount of your grocery money.

Greutman, who also manages the blog, has been holding seminars having the same title as her blog. These seminars basically discuss how to effectively use coupons in order to save at least half of your grocery budget. Her seminars are held at Parkside Bible Church, Watertown, New York, from 6:30 in the evening, ending two hours after.

Greutman herself began using coupons 5 years ago, so that she could save money and spend most of her time at home taking care of her kids. Back then, the family was spending over $300 at restaurants and grocery stores. She promised herself that the family would not be dining out anymore and gave herself a budget of $50 every week for groceries.

She then researched about coupons and how to shop using them. Since then, coupons have become a part of her grocery trips. Some of Greutman’s impressive trips to the grocery included a purchase of $45 for groceries worth $400 and a purchase of 32 cents for groceries worth $120. Although these achievements can be featured in the popular reality show Extreme Couponing, Greutman said that not all of her couponing trips are the same. She added that although she likes watching the show, she believes that the couponing approaches featured on the show are not realistic for a number of families. Greutman also said that she would not want people who will be attending her seminars to think that they will be able to learn how to save thousands of dollars on their grocery shopping.