has recently added more deals to its site. Now, the site has promotions and deals from over five thousand stores with over 56,000 coupons listed.

Currently, Coupon Mole is included in websites that are most visited by bargain hunters because of its deals from popular retailers. The site’s founder wanted to make a way for shoppers to get the best deals. The site’s growth can partly be attributed to the community of shoppers that share advice and give tips about where to find the current best deals.

The website offers printable coupons for use in stores, as well as coupon codes that can be used for online shopping. According to one Coupon Mole regular user, the site has the latest selection of coupons and also has the largest selection as compared to other coupon websites. The website also has a wide range of categories so subscribers can find deals on almost any product.

Coupon Mole also regularly sends out a newsletter to its subscribers. The newsletter contains the day’s featured coupons, as well as updates on the most current deals and promotions. Among popular retailers that are featured on the site include Sears, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Old Navy and OfficeMax.

Despite having very little experience in website design, the founders of Coupon Mole were able to make the site a success by being quick learners and by utilizing all forms of social media networks. Facebook, an internal blog and Twitter have both been instrumental in the site’s improvements. With the site’s wide selection of deals and coupons, it is no wonder that it gets visited by a whole lot of penny pinching shoppers.