Foremost FarmsForemost Farms USA is a cooperative which is owned by more than 2,000 dairy farmers in the USA. This cooperative’s farmers supply billions of gallons of milk every year which is then processed into various dairy products for distribution and marketing.

Foremost Farms USA was founded in 1995 with the consolidation of several cooperatives like Wisconsin Dairies and Golden Guernsey. In the year of its foundation, Foremost Farms was able to acquire AMPI’s Morning Glory subsidiary.

In 2009, the cooperative left the sour cream and fluid milk business. This was decided upon by the cooperative to give more focus on the manufacturing and marketing of dairy ingredients, cheese, and butter for its customers both in the US and in other countries as well. The cooperative also wanted to focus on bulk marketing of its fluid milk.

The three major cooperatives making up Foremost Farms are the following:

Wisconsin Dairies of Baraboo, Wisconsin – This cooperative was made up of 38 dairy organizations. This dairy cooperative grew through several acquisitions and mergers until its consolidation with other dairy cooperatives to form Foremost Farms. Foremost Farms’ current headquarters is also situated in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Golden Guernsey Cooperative of Milwaukee, Wisconsin – This cooperative was started in 1930 and had grown to acquire 85 trade routes with about 20,000 customers for its home delivery service. The cooperative continued to expand and produce packaged milk for store delivery. In the 1960s, the cooperative stopped its home delivery service and just focused on its store deliveries. Afterwards, this cooperative merged with cooperative Wisconsin Dairies to form Foremost Farms.

Morning Glory Dairy Cooperative of Shawano, Wisconsin – Morning Glory cooperative was consolidated with AMPI to form Morning Glory. This cooperative was already running several processing plants in Appleton, Hillsboro, Abbotsford, De Pere and Arena, Wisconsin when it was purchased by Foremost Farms. It also had its milk transfer facility in Illinois, an administrative office in Wisconsin and a marketing division in Indiana.

Currently, aside from manufacturing cheese and other dairy products, Foremost Farms also produces non-dairy value-added items. Some of these non-dairy products include whey-based ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade Lactose. A majority of Foremost Farm’s products are exported and sold to other countries, aside from the United States.

• Headquarters: Baraboo, Wisconsin
• Ownership Type: Private, Cooperative
• No. of Employees: 1,389
• Geography: worldwide
• Demography: diary product consumers

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