British pastry maker Mrs. Crimble’s has launched a new variety of macaroons to the UK market, along with a redesigned brand. The new macaroons will be cranberry-flavoured and will be sold in a more contemporary and bold packaging.

The cranberry macaroons are large and will have a suggested selling price of £1.49. These new variety of macaroons will be displayed alongside Mrs. Crimble’s Choc Macaroons and Coconut Macaroons, which are also large in size.

According to Mrs. Crimble’s Jeremy Woods, people choose Mrs. Crimble’s products if they want to reward themselves with a treat that they well deserve. The company wants its customers’ experience to be both fun and enjoyable. This is what they hope to accomplish by creating a new and bolder packaging for their products, starting with the cranberry macaroons.

With the new packaging comes a new logo for the brand. The new Mrs. Crimble’s logo features a heart fitting in an oven glove. This new logo signifies the love that Mrs. Crimble’s is getting from people. With the company’s new products, all that will remain the same is the Mrs. Crimble’s brand. Everything else will be new, except for the quality and care put into the products. People can expect that the next batches of Mrs. Crimble’s products sold in stores will have the new logo and packaging.

According to Woods, they are confident that people love their products and the company as a whole because they have been getting positive feedbacks from consumers. The feedbacks reach the company through social networking sites like Facebook, and through phone conversations.

Aside from how yummy and delicious Mrs. Crimble’s pastries are, all of these products are wheat-free and gluten-free, as well.