Mr. Kipling is a popular brand of pies, cakes, and other baked goods in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The brand is owned by Premier Foods.


The Mr. Kipling brand was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1967. This was during a time in the country when people bought cakes from local bakeries and from local bakers who sold their cakes in supermarkets.

The Mr. Kipling trademark was originally created and owned by Rank Hovis McDougall, or RHM. Manor Bakeries Limited, a subsidiary of RHM, made cakes that for the Mr. Kipling brand. Manor Bakeries Limited also produced products for the Cadbury and Lyon’s brands.

Ever since Mr. Kipling’s cakes and other baked goods were introduced in the market, they have been loved for their exceedingly delicious taste. Mr. Kipling cakes continuously produced new and different recipes for cakes, exploring and making use of different formats and flavors of the world. The cakes were always detail-oriented, which made consumers appreciate the cakes more.

When Mr. Kipling’s cakes started to be advertised, the company used the statement “exceedingly good cakes” to promote the products. Actor James Hayter’s voice was featured in television advertisements of the cakes. In the succeeding years, the Mr. Kipling brand became a leader in the field of cakes and other baked goods. The company soon started to make individually wrapped cakes and introduced them to the market.

In 2000, the Mr. Kipling brand underwent major improvements in design. After a year, a modern logo replaced the old one. This new logo consisted of a red-coloured oval printed with the Mr. Kipling brand in script. The brand’s slogan was shortened to “exceedingly good.” The cake descriptions at the back were altered from the original, so they no longer looked like Mr. Kipling wrote them.

In 2005, other modifications were made on the brand’s logo, as well as the pack design. These improvements did not last long, as eventually, the logo and packaging of the products returned to the previous style.

In 2007, Premier Foods bought the Mr. Kipling trademark from RHM. In the last few years, hydrogenated vegetable oil has been removed as part of the ingredients of Mr. Kipling cakes. It has also eliminated artificial colours and flavours in the products.

Today, Mr. Kipling cakes are patronized by over 60% of consumers in the UK, as well as in Ireland.

Headquarters: Hertfordshire,UK
Ownership Type: a subsidiary of Premier Foods
Employees: information not available
Geography: Ireland and UK
Demography: cakes and pastry consumers


Mr. Kipling

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