The drugstore chain CVS is encouraging its customers and loyalty card members to redeem their rebate coupons. The company is doing its promotion through digital campaigns that are posted on its website and its Facebook page, as well as its fan account.

Basically, the campaigns are aimed at discouraging CVS consumers from being “money trashers.” “Money trashers” are those CVS customers who just throw away receipts bearing Extrabucks coupons/rewards that are printed at the bottom. According to CVS, only about 49% of these Extrabucks coupons are actually redeemed, leaving 51% in the trash. These unclaimed rewards can be equated to cash unclaimed.

This campaign created by CVS is somewhat similar to GE’s previous campaign where it was encouraging its customers not to be “bulb snatchers.” “Bulb snatching” referred to people replacing their burnt out bulbs with another one that was previously connected to another fixture. Instead of doing this, GE was promoting stocking up on extra light bulbs at home so a new one will be available when needed.

CVS’ digital campaign is composed of five clips, all showing different humorous situations, yet essentially delivering the same message. The campaign was introduced this month primarily because July belongs to the quarter where the company sends out its Extrabucks coupons, printed on cash receipts. CVS is also changing the design of Extrabucks coupons to make it more eye-catching to customers.

According to CVS’, Melissa Studzinski, they are getting encouraging results since they have begun the promotion. Currently, an increase of 5% has been observed in the number of CVS loyalty cardholders that have redeemed Extrabucks coupons.