Ohio-based company Malcolm Meats has announced a recall for specific batches of its marinated beef. The products were recalled because of mislabeling.

The recalled various marinated beefs total to 4,530 lbs. These products are said to contain soy and wheat in the marinade, which have not been declared as part of the ingredients. As soon as the company discovered that there was incorrect labeling on the marinated products, action was immediately made to recall the products. The recall was announced with the knowledge and cooperation of the FDA.

Specific information of the recalled products are:

Product label: “Steak Sirloin and CC Aussie H-CH”
Net weight: 8 ounces
Case code: 6778708

Product label: “Steak Sirloin Aussie Cab”
Net weight: 8 ounces
Case code: 0648683

Product label: “Steak Sirloin Aussie Cab”
Net weight: 10 ounces, 12 ounces
Case code: 0648691, 8415721

Product label: “Steak Sirloin Culotte CH Aussie”
Net weight: 8 ounces
Case code: 0651299

The recalled products bear the establishment code “EST. 2106” on the label of the case. These products are contained in 10-lb., 10.5-lb. and 20-lb. cases. The marinated beef was made on different days before April 20.

Soy and wheat are common food allergens. People who have allergies to these foods may suffer allergy attacks upon eating foods that contain these allergens. Fortunately, no health-related problems were reported that are linked to the recalled products.

The marinated beef was sent to different places like the states of Indiana, Ohio and Missouri and were intended for institutional consumption. Consumers who have questions regarding this recall can call Malcolm Meats at (419) 666-0702 and ask to speak to Jerry Pasquale, company president.