ActiveDespite the busyness of everyday life, it is always important to not disregard one’s health. Incorporating simple activities like stretching once in a while can be beneficial to the body in the long run.

Always eat breakfast. Studies show that skipping the morning meal leads to obesity. Researchers have found that a regular morning diet of 600 calories helps one lose more weight compared to those who only ate 300 calories for breakfast. Contrary to common belief, bacon and eggs are not unhealthy foods. One whole egg contains more essential nutrients than any other food, aside from being an excellent source of choline (helps break down fat in the body to be used for energy). Bacon, when cooked, contains only 1 gram of saturated fat per piece. Eat these two items for breakfast in moderate amounts and it will help the body stay strong and healthy.

Another helpful simple daily activity is tilting up your rearview mirror. This will enforce you to sit in an upright position, just so you can see what is behind you. Making this a habit will lead you to have improved posture and avoid an aching back.

Standing up and stretching once in a while can help you avoid obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Take supplements for Vitamin D as studies have shown that those who regularly supplement themselves with 400 IU of vitamin D have a lower incidence of early death.

With these simple and easy enough activities, you are one step closer to leading a healthier life.