smokedsalmonFoodfest Int’l 2000 Inc. and the CFIA recently announced a public warning and a recall on a specific smoked salmon product because of possible contamination. The said product may be contaminated by the bacteria salmonella.

The warning referred to “Strubs Ready-to-Eat Danish-Style Smoked Grav-Lox Atlantic Salmon.” This product is sold in 7-ounce or 200-gram packs having a lot number of 09262011 and a UPC code of 071217699158. The product was distributed in the area of Ontario, Canada.

Although it does not smell or look spoiled, food that is contaminated by the Salmonella bacteria can be very harmful to health when consumed. Thus, it is always wise to be alert about these types of warnings. This bacterium is the cause of a kind of food poisoning known as Salmonellosis. For those who have weak immunities, Salmonellosis can cause serious health injuries, which can lead to death. In healthier people, it can cause fever, vomiting, stomach pains, nausea, and sometimes also bloody diarrhea. There have also been cases where severe arthritis has resulted from Salmonella food poisoning, even after a long time has passed. For the affected product however, there have been no reports of food poisoning.

Foodfest is the distributor of the smoked salmon product and is currently implementing a recall with the help of the CFIA. The agency is also currently monitoring if the recall has been effective. Consumers who have concerns about this recall or want to have more information about it may call Foodfest’s Customer Service Department at 905-709-4775-0 or CFIA’s hotline at 1-800-442-2342.