Specialty food company Discovery Foods has recently launched a new addition to its product line. The new products is a crumb coating that is gluten-free. This new offering a will provide a healthy alternative to UK consumers.

The launch of the crumb coating aims to widen the company’s offering in the country’s free-form market. The launching of this gluten-free “Crispy Crumb Coating” will promote the fajita department more, which is currently already representing 62.5% of the Mexican cuisine category. This new product launch also hopes to increase in-store sales and stimulate a growth in the category of gluten-free foods. This will also offer consumers with an added alternative in their search for foods that are free from gluten.

The launch of this gluten-free crumb coating follows the successful launch of the garlic & herb preservative-free tortilla last February of 2011. That particular product launch made Discovery Foods the first company in the UK to market tortillas that are free from preservatives and are made with British flour. With the launch of the new preservative-free tortilla, it also aims to introduce the consumers to a new variety of tortilla,  as well as hope to reinforce Mexican cuisine’s versatility.

The new gluten-free crumb coating comes in a functional and straightforward packaging. The product’s packaging has been designed to maximize the product’s visibility and also reinforce the message of the benefits of gluten-free products. At the back of the packaging, consumers will find simple instructions guiding them in how to make a classic chicken fajita that is perfect in taste and crispiness.

This new gluten-free crumb coating from Discovery Foods is now available in retail stores’ Mexican section. Suggested price for this product is £1.09 to £1.59.